Column: Hello Fairview Post readers, from the new girl

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Starting a new job can be challenging and here I am starting my first week with the Fairview Post in the middle of a pandemic that has health officials asking people to refrain from interacting with each other.

So, two days in and I realize that my co-worker who is 20 months old doesn’t value my time and insists on having me refill his sippy cup at an alarming rate. The tiny terror is currently napping as I write this and I am frantically hammering away at my laptop, praying that our postal worker drops off the mail delicately today. The mail only seems to come at naptime, and this always sends my geriatric dog into a barking frenzy. If I catch it at the right time, I can prevent the abrupt interruption to naptime. Naptime and the early hours of the morning seem to be the only times I can get any work done. I am sure this is a common thing that parents do and now more than ever with the temporary closure of school and daycares.

Working for a newspaper has been a goal of mine for many years. I haven’t done things in a linear fashion and had to put my goals on hold when I found out I was pregnant. At the time, I was working as an editorial intern for an arts magazine based of New York City. The magazine is named Papercut. I was able to do the internship remotely, and I spent my time for them writing articles and doing a lot of copyediting. After that, I took a bit of a hiatus while I was figuring out life with a new baby.

In July of 2019, my maternity leave benefits were done and I applied for a casual position as a content writer for a company in Grande Prairie called Saltmedia. This was a great introduction back into the work force, as I worked casually and mostly remotely while doing what I love to do, which is write. I will still be doing work for Saltmedia on a casual basis while reporting for the Fairview Post.

My writing career began as a child. I like to think I have been telling stories my whole life. Before I could even read, I would come up with elaborate stories based on pictures in books. I remember spending hours in my room telling myself stories from the pictures in my books. Once I was able to read, I devoured any book I could get my hands on. I was particularly fond of the “Little House on the Prairie” series, which to this day I still read the whole series once a year. My husband has said it is part of my life cycle.

I think my favorite part of creative writing is being able to write myself into new worlds. This was especially true as a shy child. I would write characters and imagine myself as the main character. I would create whole story lines and situations I would never be able to have the courage or opportunity to encounter in real life.

My husband and I have both lived in the Peace Country our entire lives and our families all live in this area. It’s lovely to be able to pursue a career that I have worked hard for while also being able to live close to my loved ones. That is why when the position was posted I jumped on it right away to apply and I am glad that I did.

At this point it is probably clear that one of my favourite things to do is read. We recently moved a vintage upright piano into our main living room, and I had to move the cheap bookshelves I had into the basement. I am determined to not banish my books into the basement. I believe they should be upstairs with me, and not downstairs with the spider webs. The original plan was to shelve them above the piano, each shelf spanning the entire length of the wall. My husband’s main concern is that the shelves with buckle from the sheer weight of the books and the brackets will tear away from the walls sending all the books into a thunderous avalanche.

When I am not chasing after my son, spending time with my family, reading, or writing I enjoy volunteering with productions at the Grande Prairie Live Theatre. This year I had the amazing opportunity to Stage Manage a Canadian play called “The Swearing Jar”. If the opportunity arises, I would love to direct a play in a future season.

My life has become a whole lot busier, but I am having fun. Being able to really flex my writing muscles for the Fairview Post is something I am excited and thankful for, all while living in our beautiful region and being close to my loved ones.