• Column

    A look into the Post past

    Photo from The Fairview Post in June 1959. A group of farmers got together to plant seeds for farmer Sam Wilson who was ill in hospital.
  • Editorial

    Voting on a promise?

    I find it interesting that history has made it necessary for governments to bind their mouths shut during an election so as not to influence the course of the election ...
  • Letters

    Santa letters

    Dear Santa, I miss you. I really want to come to the North Pole. For Christmas I would like a barbie dream house with an elevator, kitchen with a table ...
  • Letters

    EE Oliver writes to Santa

    Grade 1F – E.E. OliverDear Santa, I like pizza and cats. I went to Ontario. What are your reindeer’s names? What is your favourite cookie? I want a Gameboy.
  • Curling

    Between the sheets

    Submitted by Fairview Curling Club ! COME JOIN OUR GAME OF STONES. CURLING IS A GAME FOR ALL AGES We would like to welcome Bonnie Anderson as our new secretary ...